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Importance of Energy Conservation

Energy can be defined as any property, which can be produced from or converted into work. In today’s world, energy is required for any kind of industrial operations and its development. A country’s progress can be determined from the way energy is produced and utilized. But unfortunately, energy crisis is one of the basic problems we are facing today.

Types of Energy:

There are several types of energy such as:

  • Wind energy
  • Geo thermal energy
  • Ocean energy
  • Hydel energy and
  • Solar energy
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Importance of Conservation of Energy:

Non-renewable source of energy – those sources, which are being accumulated in nature for long time and cannot be replaced if they are exhausted. Ex: coal, ores, petroleum, timber, natural gas, electricity etc. It is important to conserve non-renewable source of energy before they get exhausted. Here are some of the steps to be followed in conserving energy:

1. Decrease the quantity of energy you use everyday; efficient energy use leads to energy conservation which is what the world needs today.

2. Consumption of fuel can be reduced by following methods:

  a. Proper insulation of existing buildings and design changes in new constructions (Eg.  Using less plate glass),

 b. Improving the fuel economy of automobiles, and

 c. Using more efficient means of transportation.

3. Development of wind energy source is important which can be exploited for generation of electricity and water pumping.

4. Nuclear energy is economically feasible for the present and future. It can replace fossil fuels. In nuclear fission process, huge amount of energy is released which can be used for several purposes.

5. Hydrogen is expected to be source of power for future. Hydrogen can meet all the energy needs of human society. It is non toxic, easier to distribute and can be used as fuel.

6. Every time you conserve energy, you not only save money on electric bills, you also help minimize the demand for fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas. Start by conserving energy right in your own home.

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